Services in the construction industry

1. Stabilization of soil masses up to 30 m (method Ramboll)

Applies to:
• Preparation of grounds for construction of roads and highways;
• Construction and strengthening of dykes;
• Strengthening and construction of railway embankments;
• Establishment of port areas;
• Strengthening of foundations for buildings and structures.

2. Construction of energy facilities:

• Installation of high-voltage power lines;
• Installation of cable lines, communication lines;
• Equipment supply;
• RP 35/110/220
• CC capacity of 10/6/0.4

3. Services in the construction industry

Construction civil and industrial

3.1. Dismounting:

• Dismounting of all types of reservoirs;
• Dismantling of power facilities (CHP plants, power lines, boilers, and so on.).

3.2. General construction works:

• Installation of foundations;
• Device of engineering infrastructure;
• Arrangement of the walling;
• Internal engineering systems buildings and constructions (heating, ventilation, water supply, sewerage, electricity, lighting, structured wiring systems, air-conditioning, smoke removal, video surveillance, guarding and fire alarms, access control systems, IT-infrastructure).

4. Services in the designing sphere

• Implementation of the functions of the General Designer;
• Project supervision.