Stabilization of soil masses

What is the stabilization of soil masses

  • This method is easy to combine with existing methods of strengthening the grounds.
  • It is easy to reach the main indicators for a given specification.
  • Achieving the necessary bearing capacity of soil.
  • Any type of soil can be stabilized: peat, loam, silt, etc.
  • The amount of binder and the substance itself defined by the type of soil and the customer's specifications.
  • The resistivity per shift can be calculated is determined in advance.
  • Possible to achieve the consistency of the concrete.

The general scheme of works

Mixer and basic provisions stabilization of soil mass

  • The depth of stabilization up to 7m
  • Cement is the main binding for responsible areas
  • Layers gain estimate indicators in a month

Procedure for the work production

  • The project area is divided into squares of 5x5 m.
  • The laboratory gives the recipe and the number of binders for each square depending on the water content and other parameters.
  • Computer defining the land over the coordinates of GPS receivers, doses the binder.
  • The mixer produces a mixing layer with the binder.

What is the stabilization of soil mass

  • Stabilization of the mass is carried out by mixing the binder with soft soil .
  • Used as a binder as separate binders, as well as mixtures there of.
 As a binder can also be used:
  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Ash
  • Slag, gypsum
  • Glass
  • Production waste